The Harmful Effects of Toxic Positivity

A "Good Vibes Only" mindset is harmful to survivors and to those who live with disabilities. People are hurting today, yet toxic positivity trends seem to be stronger than ever. After all that our country, and this world, has gone through, isn't it time we move beyond living in denial? Can we, at the very least, admit that "everything is (not) awesome"? Early in October, 2021, my daughter wanted to shop for some clothes, so we went to the local one-stop shop. I walked into the store with her, looked up at a wall, and noticed that toxic positivity was prominently displayed. "Good Vibes Only." "Positive Vibes."     The first thought that crossed my mind was wondering why this store would want to suggest to their customers, many who have lost one or more loved ones recently, that "good vibes only" were welcome there. I thought about the children who no longer have a parent, or may have been orphaned during the pandemic. I thoug

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