September 20, 2015


I am a brave girl.  I have been a brave girl for over a year now.  I decided to be a brave girl after a decision to lead crafts for a 2014-2105 MOMSnext group at a local church.  The theme was "Be you BRAVELY."

I recall walking into my very first steering meeting and finding a binder at my seat at the table.  The "Be you BRAVELY" logo was placed into the front cover of the binder.  I had not yet learned what the MOPS theme was going to be that year.  The first thought that popped into my head was that I signed up for the craft leader position during the wrong year.  After all, I felt anything but brave.  Thoughts crossed my mind that I could not do this.  I would be discovered as a fraud - people would learn how un-brave I really was.  How on earth could I teach other moms to be brave, through crafts, when I was barely hanging on in my own personal life.

I muddled through that steering meeting.  I listened to the other women and provided input when asked.  I recall feeling overwhelmed as I climbed into my vehicle at the end.  Tears started to pour down my face - and I knew it was time - it was time to learn how to be brave.  As I drove away I prayed "Please God, PLEASE help me learn to be brave."

Looking back, my prayer to learn to be brave, is similar to my childhood prayer of asking God to help me learn patience.  I'm in my late 40's, and God is still providing instance after instance to teach me how to be patient.  This past year became a whirlwind year where I faced my biggest challenges.  And I began to learn how to be brave.

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